The Brown Cardigan X Mambo Collaboration is Here, and it’s F*ckin’ Lit Brah

In a pairing so obvious we’re surprised we didn’t see it coming, iconic Aussie surf brand Mambo has teamed up with the social media sensations and Masters of Meme at Brown Cardigan, to release a collection of tees designed exclusively around the Aussie esoterica that’s helped popularise the irreverent Instagram account. The first capsule drop of killer designs (which they promise will “Sell out way quicker than they ever did”), is titled “Y2K18”, a modern nod to one of the lines that made Mambo burst onto the scene in the late ’90s.

Given their way with words, I’m just going to go right ahead and quote directly from their presser: “The best collaboration since Yahoo Serious and Bubbles in Beer, Schapelle Corby and her Morey Booger-board with a one-way ticket to Bali, Tony Abbott and a bag of fresh onions. You won’t have seen so much fresh hot garbage since the common Sacred white Ibis met the first bin in Redfern.”

And to be fair, I couldn’t really put it much better than that myself.

party possum mambo brown cardigan

All the stars of Brown Cardigan’s famous feed are featured in the collection: the Party Possum, Ibis (aka Bin Chicken), Battler-on-a-Skateboard, Bali-Scooter-Bloke, and “Byrondi”, but perhaps most important is the inclusion of Mad Dog Adrian, the lovable pedal-pushing nutjob from Midland, in greater Perth.

mad dog adrian mambo brown cardigan

Available exclusively through Brown Cardigan’s webstore (linked below), don’t miss out on your opportunity to nab a piece of wearable Aussie meme history, before the (other) millennials snatch it all up.

Check it out

binking mambo brown cardigan

mongo pusher mambo brown cardigan

messian of bali mambo brown cardigan

byrondi mambo brown cardigan

white mambo brown cardigan

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