The North Face Black Series Custom Tuxedo

One of the main events of the Oscars is the red carpet arrival of all the celebrities. Shows and magazines dedicate plenty of time and space to reporting on who is wearing what by which designer. Certainly no one expected The North Face to factor into that discussion, but at this year’s Oscars not only did The North Face make an appearance on the red carpet, it even made it up onto the stage.

north face tuxedo bow

Alex Honnold is a world class climber who recently was the center point of the documentary Free Solo. The documentary recorded Honnold’s free climbing ascent of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. Honnold completed the 3,000-foot climb without any safety gear whatsoever, and a film crew captured the whole ordeal. Free Solo was nominated for best documentary, which meant that its titular character needed something to wear to the affair, but who would a mountain climber turn to for the appropriate attire. The North Face created a completely bespoke and individually tailored tuxedo for Honnold. The tux was made of 100 percent wool, and featured a single-button, slim-fit coat that had to be made to match Honnold’s frame. Under the jacket, Honnold sported a stretchy poplin tuxedo shirt. The matching Jacquard pocket square and bow tie subtly displayed The North Face logo in tone-on-tone colors. Of all the attendees, Honnold easily was the most comfortable. Maybe The North Face will keep the tux in their Black Series, and make it available to the rest of us.

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