The North Face Revisits Iconic Gear in its New Iridescent Collection

One of the best parts of outdoor adventures is revisiting areas that you’ve already been to rediscover what first brought you there, but to also take a new look. The North Face is following suit, rediscovering some of their iconic outerwear pieces with a new look. The North Face Iridescent Collection features the 1996 Nuptse Jacket, the 1990 Mountain Jacket, and the Cyclone II windbreaker, only each of these pieces has been reworked with multi-faceted, woven iridescent fabric.

This new material makes the outerwear something that you can keep discovering over and over again, as its pattern changes with your movements.

north face jacket with hood

The collection also includes hoodies, T-shirts, caps, and bags made in a colour palette that includes purple, green, and blue—the same colours you’ll see in the iridescent material. Pricing for the collection ranges from USD$28 for accessories to USD$299 for the jackets. The collection is available now on The North Face’s website.

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