The Squid Inspired Vollebak’s Jacket

It took 500 million years, but the squid evolved the ability to camouflage itself by changing colour and appearance at a high speed. That ability allows the squid to hide, hunt, and communicate. Fortunately, it didn’t take Vollebak that long to come up with their Black Squid Jacket.

squid jacket front

The Black Squid Jacket is fully water and wind proof—nothing too new in terms of outer gear. But what is new is the ability of the jacket to shift colours. Using lasers, resin, and over 2 billion “disruptively structured microscopic glass spheres,” the jacket’s material mimics the squid’s survival mechanism. In normal light, the jacket has the appearance of metal or oil, but bring it out into the light, and the jacket reflects every colour of the visible spectrum.

This happens as light travels through the black glass spheres—over 40,000 spheres make up every single square centimetre of the jacket—and is scattered as it reflects back.

The Squid Inspired Vollebak’s Jacket

The jacket is an uninsulated shell that will work with any layering system. Two waterproof pit zips provide ventilation. Built to be large for better movement, the jacket also features two large front pockets that will fit any map or gloves. An internal pocket works for your phone and features headphone loops.

squid jacket side view

You may not blend in like the squid does, but in this jacket, you’ll be what everyone is looking at on the slopes.

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head cover squid jacket

back vollebak jacket

squid inspired jacket