These YEEZY Season 6 “Speedealer Sunglasses” Bring Dag-Factor to the Mainstream

The Yeezy Speeddealer Sunglasses are taking over where last year’s micro-frame sunglasses, first popularized by The Matrix, left off. The new trend for sunglasses is the sporty look, which means a combination of the wider frames from motocross and cycling. YEEZY is the latest to join the field that has so long been dominated by Oakley, along with Heron Preston, Palace, A-COLD-WALL, Prada, COMME des GARCONS, and Kenzo.

The iconic “speed dealer” look has been popular amongst goey-slingers the world over, and will elicit fond childhood memories for anybody who grew up in Penrith (or similar). Paired perfectly with a bum-bag and a jet-ski, speed dealer shades have long surpassed their halcyon days of dag, and are now accepted in the mainstream of fashion, as is proved by this edition from Runaway singer, and all-around weirdo Kanye West.

yeezy season 6 speedealer sunglasses front

Under the direction of “Ye”, YEEZY is putting out a Season 6 collection that features a pair of sports sunglasses made in Italy. The glasses sell for USD$300, and are available in Topanga, a gold colour; industrial blue; and Graphite: a black colour. The glasses are wrap-around, and minimalist, and tie into the growing popularity of “ugly-chic.” You won’t be choosing between a blue and red pill with these glasses, but you will look good as you dominate the court, field, or track.

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yeezy season 6 speedealer sunglasses side

yeezy season 6 speedealer sunglasses temple