With Tumi’s Global Luggage Locator, You’ll Never Lose Your Bags Again

Have you ever had your luggage lost or stolen at the airport? If so, then you know how inconvenient this is. It can even ruin a perfectly good vacation—especially if you have important or expensive items in your bag. Now, you’ll never have to worry about having a ruined trip again thanks to lifestyle brand Tumi.

tumi global locator lock

Tumi joined forces with AT&T to create a wireless tracking device that you can put in your luggage. This device lets you find your luggage anywhere in the world. You simply check the app, and it will show you exactly where your bags are located.

tumi global locator luggage chain

The located uses GPS, GSM, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to send location information to Tumi’s servers and help track your baggage. The device does not establish a continuous connection. Instead, it uses an accelerometer to determine whether the plane has taken off and when it has landed. This helps it comply with FAA regulations. When your bag is in flight, the device automatically powers off into a sleep mode. It wakes up when the plane has landed and resumes tracking.

tumi global locator luggage wheel

The device has four different modes—sleep, travel, proximity and hotel. In addition to automatically entering sleep mode when your plane departs, sleep mode can be triggered at any time using the app.

You would use the hotel mode when the luggage is at your hotel or home. When you move, the device will send you a notification alert. In travel mode, the device automatically tracks your location every 20 minutes. It then sends this information to the servers to build a history of your bag’s location.

Tumi’s tracking service will be available via a paid subscription service that can be renewed annually.

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