Under Armour to Design Spacesuits for Virgin Galactic Astronauts

Richard Branson has recruited athletic brand Under Armour to create space apparel and footwear and design an astronaut performance training program for Virgin Galactic. That’s the name of Virgin’s space division.

Under Armour will serve as the Technical Spacewear Partner for Virgin Galactic passengers and pilots, with the new clothing consisting of a complex blend of safety, utility, comfort and style. The American brand is also providing uniforms for Virgin Galactic’s world-class team at Spaceport America in New Mexico, including the engineers, astronaut trainers, hosts, and mission control operatives. Sadly, Under Armour hasn’t yet provided designs or any information whatsoever regarding the space clothing.

To help astronauts prepare for the physical experience of space travel, Under Armour is leveraging its athletic performance team to design programs for astronaut physical preparation and recovery with a focus on enhancing mobility, strength, fitness, nutrition, and sleep.

Pictured –  left is Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank and right is Virgin Group Founder Richard Branson

“I have followed Under Armour’s progress through a personal friendship with its CEO, Kevin Plank and via the great relationships it has established over the years with various Virgin companies,” Said Richard Branson.

“Our partnership is built on the firm foundations of shared values, and it will be an absolute privilege to wear an Under Armour astronaut space suit on Virgin Galactic’s inaugural commercial space flight.”

On December 13 2018, Virgin Galactic reached an altitude of 82.7 km (51.4 miles) above the Earth, officially entering outer space by US standards although, there are still no details of a planned launch date for the first Virgin Galactic commercial flight.

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