Unpacking P. Johnson Tailors’ Stunning New Lookbook

Sydney Tailor P. Johnson has unveiled a new lookbook for 2018 full of versatile, comfortable, clothing that can easily slot into any wardrobe. Patrick Johnson himself designed the pieces to be effortlessly enjoyable to wear.

The collection incorporates carefully constructed, limited edition ready-to-wear pieces alongside clean businesswear, luxurious eveningwear and relaxed casualwear. The new range is designed with Autumn/Winter in mind so it can be layered and travelled with throughout 2018.

grey colour p.johnson suit

This year also sees P. Johnson release a new outerwear range, including overcoats that fall somewhere between traditional and technical styling. The brand worked with weaving partners across Europe and Japan to develop material that’s waterproof and wind resistant yet still luxurious, using cashmere, camel hair and superfine merino.

The pieces are lightweight, soft and versatile; ideal for the modern man on the move. The outerwear range will be available ready-to-wear and made-to-measure. The tailoring of the 2018 collection was artisanally crafted at Sartoria Carrara, the brand’s atelier in Tuscany; the careful handwork involved making each garment unique.

The P. Johnson 2018 collection is available now across its Sydney and Melbourne stores, plus internationally with stores in the U.K and the U.S. In related news, P. Johnson also makes our list of the 21 best tailors and suit shops in Sydney.

Check it out

black colour p.johnson suit

black colour long p.johnson tailor suit

of white colour p.johnson tailor suit

long black colour p.johnson tailor suit tie

blue colour p.johnson tailor suit

 p.johnson tailor suit inside white shirt

of white p.johnson tailor suit hand in pocket

black shoes and p.johnson tailor suit

black pant and of white p.johnson tailor suit

black p.johnson tailor jacket

black p.johnson tailor tshirt with short

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