Volleback’s 100-Year Hoodie is Nearly Indestructible

London-based brand Vollebak is known for creating extreme performance clothing. They are back with another radical invention—a hoodie that will outlive you. Dubbed the “Hundred Year Hoodie,” this jacket was designed to last through any adventure—whether that be a jaunt to Mars or a hiking trip in the mountains. When you are finished with it, you can pass it down to your children or maybe even grandkids.

volleback full hoodie wearing men

The company has been working on the hoodie for two years to make sure that it is practically indestructible. It is made entirely of Kevlar, the same material that bulletproof vests are made out of. Designed to stand up to temperatures of 300°C, this material is pretty much the toughest out there. To demonstrate just how durable this hoodie is, Volleback made a video where they challenged the hoodie to some pretty extreme stuff over a period of 24 hours. They ran it over, dragged it on a tarmac at high speeds, pulled it behind their speedboat and even dried it with a blowtorch. The hoodie was so tough, it survived everything thrown at it.

hand in the volleback hoodie pocket

In spite of being incredibly sturdy, the hoodie is soft and comfortable. It has a soft, cushioned fleece-like inside lining. It is available in two colours, a Raw Lemon and Dark Grey. Both colours should look better in time as this hoodie was designed with special material that gets better as it ages and fades. So, if you want a hoodie that you can spend half of your life with, this one will be around.

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 volleback hoodie in on the head

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