new creed aventus sophisticated perfume for men

Creed Aventus is Classy, Sophisticated Perfume for Men

It is easy to find a scent that smells good. There are hundreds—or maybe even thousands—that would do. However, it is much harder to find a scent that defines your style. A man’s signature scent is a very personal thing. Scent triggers the memory, and when you meet someone new, one of the first things that they notice about you is your scent. It is something that reminds others uniquely of you. If you are bold and confident, Creed Aventus might just be your new musk.

Creed Aventus was inspired by romance, peace and war. Imagine a historical emperor who was known for being audacious and sensual. This is the type of man that Creed Aventus was made for.

London-based Creed was founded in 1760. It is one of the finest luxury fragrance dynasties in the world. It is the only family-owned luxury fragrance house that has served both royal houses. In 2010, master perfumer Oliver Creed decided to create a cologne that would celebrate the brand’s power, vision and success. Their offering, Aventus Cologne, turned out to be the most popular scent created by the brand. Creed Aventus is the type of perfume that will get you noticed.

Creed Aventus features top notes of Italian bergamot with blackcurrant. It is blended with sparkling pineapple and Caville Blanc apples. The centre is woodsy with notes of roses. Vanilla, oak moss and ambergris provide uniqueness to this scent.

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