Davidoff Sets Its Sight on a New Horizon

Legendary fragrance provider Davidoff knows where to find his muse. Over two decades ago he took cues from the refreshment and purity of water to bring us game-changing Cool Water cologne, and now he’s returned drawing inspiration from the relationship between earth and air. The result is Horizon, a men’s fragrance that aims to ground the elusive, liberating spirit of the wind with woody and spicy earth-based notes, thereby capturing the essence of the elements like Davidoff has so successfully done before.

davidoff horizon fragrance upon opening the bottle

Perfumers Olivier Pescheux and Jacques Huclier helped bring the aroma of earth and wind to life and for all we know they spent days in the mountains just sniffing the air to make it happen. Upon opening the bottle one should expect a breezy initial scent of citrus, ginger and rosemary that soon deepens in complexity to reveal layers of wood and nutmeg courtesy of a vetiver and cocoa absolute base. There are also notes of pepper and patchouli present in the body of the fragrance, helping enhance that distinct combination of ground and air.

Davidoff spared no expense to incorporate the elements into every aspect of the new cologne. Apparently the marketing campaign sent model Simone Bredariol into the middle of a sandstorm for a photoshoot. Polished stones and the amber colors of nature inspired the bottle’s design. Needless to say, Horizon offers some real promise in the fragrance market, however only time will tell if Davidoff can turn the elements into gold once again.

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