Get Rid of Bad Man Smells with the Norden Room Spray Collection

As men, we know we regularly produce less than flattering smells. And these smells need to be dealt with—but we also don’t want our domiciles or vehicles or selves to smell like a flowery spa. So if there were only some way to replace those bad man smells with good man smells, well, we’d be all set in the smell department. And that’s where Norden Room comes in handy with their spray collection.

norden room spray collection beautiful smell

With a variety of scents that are remindful of the ocean, the coast of California and a day at the beach surfing, swimming or lounging in the sun, the Norden Room spray collection can fix that mustiness with a few spritzes from each of their small bottles. The spray is a 100 percent essential natural oil blend, with a scent that is a mix of Balsam Fir, Cedarwood, Earth and Moss, giving the full dimension to the actual beauty of the Central Californian coast. And beyond the sprays there are also a whole host of incense types, oil blends that can be heated over a candle, and candles themselves that release that good man scent. Most are also reasonably priced, making it a once every few months purchase.

Unless, of course, you need to mask your bad smells on a regular basis—and if that’s the case, you might want to have yourself checked out.

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