Sea Sand Scent – Kenzo Homme Eau De Parfum

For their latest fragrance, Kenzo renewed their love of the ocean to provide even greater levels of aromatic intensity. Kenzo Homme Eau De Parfum exudes a complex, deep marine essence that’s fortified by masculine overtones and softened through the brilliant use of sensual notes. It’s all contained within a signature bottle that’s shaped like a bamboo shoot and adorned with leaves, flaunting an enchanting blue colour that mysteriously deepens in tone toward the top.

Kenzo Homme Eau De Parfum is about combining (and contrasting) absolute refreshment with a masculine edge. The marine and sandalwood base fuses zest and musk to relay an immediate message of free-spirited boldness. After the initial one-two punch of sea and wood the profile gives way to notes of citrus and spice, courtesy of cardomon and mint. Subtle notes of vetiver and cedar round out the fragrance, giving it a warm and inviting aura.

kenzo homme eau de parfum outlook

For marketing, Kenzo once again put creative talent (and handsome actor) Nicolas Cazale in a stunning locale where he meditates in front of the expansive ocean. The actor, like the ocean itself, embodies the true spirit of Kenzo’s ability to balance fearless exploration with perenial sensuality. Between the campaign, the bottle, and the brilliant fragrance, it’s easy to say that Kenzo has yet another winner on their hands, or should we say noses.

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