3 Hairstyles for the Races from Jack The Snipper

With the Spring Racing Season now upon us, racegoers will be wanting to look their absolute best on the day. And this isn’t just a chance for only the ladies to strut their stuff either. Men, we’ve got you covered too. That’s why we’ve picked three of our favourite hairstyles to help you feel dressed on race day.

The Contemporary Quiff

contemporary quiff jack the snipper

An edgier take on the classic quiff of old, this choice is in vogue and is set to impress. The style has been gaining increasing popularity thanks to likes of David Beckham and Macklemore who have worn variations on this cut well in recent times. Leave generous length on top and to accentuate the contrast here, ask for aggressively short back and sides. Style moderately with matte crème to help boost volume up top.

The Slicked Back

 jack the snipper slicked back

This season is all about modern takes on the classics. Similar to the quiff, our tip here is to cut the sides extra short. Ask for a taper fade to achieve the look of a smooth transition from hair to skin. Style the length on top by liberally applying pomade, and neatly comb the top back. This option is smooth and sophisticated, and one of our favourites to leave you looking suave in your suit on race day.

The Classic

classic jack the snipper

Keep it simple this season with short sides and back, saving length on top. They say if ain’t broke, then don’t fix it. And this couldn’t ring any truer than for classic cut. This style has remained popular through the generations – and rightly so. It’s neat and clean, guaranteeing you to look dapper on the day. Style lightly back and across with styling crème to add extra texture to the classic look.

Jack The Snipper

About The Author

Paul Macnamara is Head Barber at Jack The Snipper, the iconic barber shop based out of Byron Bay.