David Beckham Shaved HEad

Celebrities Shaving Their Heads is the New Isolation Trend

Quarantine has got us all a little crazy at the moment. The novelty has started to wear off and many of us are beginning to question what we’re doing with our lives. Like 2007 Britney, the lure of a full-blown, head-shaving meltdown is looking more and more inviting. But funnily enough, it isn’t just us mere mortals feeling the pinch. Some of the biggest celebrities on the planet are also opting for the isolation make-over, choosing to shave their heads for no discernable reason at all.

Here’s a list of celebrities who have shaved their head during isolation.

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1. David Beckham

The great stylish one himself has turned to the clippers during isolation, but it isn’t the first time Becks has gone short. The style icon has regularly buzzed his head for photoshoots and during his playing career. It helps with the aerodynamics.

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2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Another famous footballer goes for the buzz, but it appears this one is a real home job. Note the towel cape and questionable wrist action. Ronaldo has arguably the most influential hair in sport, but we’re not sure if this combination of top-know, home-job head-shave is going to take quite as well as previous variations.

3. Cody Simpson

Australia’s answer to Bieber has been steadily growing out those luscious blond locks for some time, but come quarantine Cody Simpson is back to bald. In one quick shave, the singer has gone from Gold Coast surfer to British punk ala This Is England, and it ain’t a bad look.

4. Stephen Graham

From someone who looks like an English thug to someone who actually was one in This Is England, Stephen Graham is also busting out the clippers for a close shave. This one is actually hilarious, the genuine fear in his eyes is something all of us who have attempted the home head shave have experienced.

5. Anthony Rapp

Actor and performer Anthony Rapp has made a name for himself on Broadway and in Hollywood, but on Instagram he’s better known as albinokid1026, which is a hilarious moniker to give yourself. He’s completed the weedy albino look in full by opting for the isolation head shave. Not to best look, but we admire the bravery.

6. Riz Ahmed

Riz Ahmed, the actor, rapper and writer whose work makes us laugh and makes us think has done both of those things with his new haircut. Namely, who does he look better with no hair, than we ever have with it?

7. Héctor Bellerín

Spanish football superstar Héctor Bellerín has gone for a close shave over isolation as well. With the football league done and dusted for the time being, Bellerín must be pretty bored, god knows we are.

8. Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton, an inspiration to men punching above their weight around the world has gone and done something he should never have considered. The country music star has shaved his head, but not before rocking a new school mullet that sits somewhere between Riff Raff and Billy Ray Cyrus.

Well, there you have it. Turns out celebrities get the urge to mix things up as well. It’s almost as if David Beckham is human after all.

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General FAQ

What celebrities shaved their head in lockdown?

Shaving your head became a huge trend during lockdown, especially for celebrities. A few who followed the trend were David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Cody Simpson and Stephen Graham.

What female celebrities shaved heads?

A few female celebrities who have shaved their heads are Charlize theron, Kellie Pickler, Solange, Anne Hathaway and Natalie Portman.

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