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John Travolta Finally Embraces the “Statham” Bald Hairstyle

When, in 1978, a twenty-three-year-old John Travolta graced the silver screen with a shiny black quiff, one could have been guilty for assuming that it was his mop of slick hair that really got him the paycheck for playing bad boy Danny Zuko in Grease, one of the era’s most iconic movies, rather than his emerging talents as an actor.

As we watched our beloved Johnny boy grow up, however, he proved his mettle as a serious thespian, all while sporting a multitude of looks atop his pate as he steered his path through a career that has has seen many critical highs and lows.

From the limp, drug-addled ponytail of Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction, to whatever was under that hat in Urban Cowboy, Travolta’s image has often been centred around what’s on his head. Now, however, he’s decided to embrace the inevitable, and sport a new look that has got fans cheering the sixty-four-year-old Hairspray star.

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I hope everyone had a great New Year!

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While speculation has surrounded the exact nature of his real  hair for years–thinning and receding one day in the gym, luscious and flowing at a press conference the next–it appears that Travolta has taken a leaf out of Jason Statham’s book and settled on the notion that bald can be sexy, in a photo uploaded to his Instagram earlier this week. Martini in-hand, the actor wished his followers a new year whilst showing off the top of his head for the first time in public (outside of an acting role, that is).

Though it’s a day that many men dread–whether you start thinning in your thirties, or it starts to fall out in your fifties–however, acceptance is the first step towards rocking a confident head of no-hair, and it appears that our favourite dancer/pilot/philanthropist/Hollywood star has finally taken the brave first step towards being hairlessly handsome.