Hanz De Fuko – How David Beckham Gets That Hairdo

Did you ever wonder how David Beckham’s hair always looks perfect, when he’s not shaving it off that is? The secret behind his goop has been revealed and it is non-other than the hair care products from Hanz de Fuko. Other celebrities that sport the edgy fashion forward brand include Calvin Harris, Simon Baker, Bruno Mars and Hugh Jackman. Now we now Wolferine. The company was founded by David Alfonso and Christopher Zent. They were creative renegades eager to challenge the status quo and to foster creativity and individuality in an industry fast becoming too corporate. The styling solutions is 100% organic and the top sellers are the Scheme Cream that supplies a slight texture and hold, and Quicksand that is an inventive powder to cream formula that creates matte textrues as well as intense volume. It is evidently also David Beckham’s favourite. Other products include pomades, waxes, shampoos, conditioners and gels.

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