A man with a trimmed beard

Tired of Shaving Your Beard? Laser Hair Removal Might Be the Solution

In Partnership with Dr Lanzer

This one is certainly going to ruffle some beard feathers because the cosmetic team over at The Dr Lanzer Clinic is offering laser hair removal for any bloke who might be over having to shave their beard. If you‘re thinking of ditching the razor all together, then it might be time to consider getting rid of the peach fuzz and lasering off the beard entirely.

Whether it’s patchy or rough, men’s facial hair can sometimes have a mind of its own. When shaving or electric trimmers just aren’t enough, laser hair removal can be the answer to get the shape and style you’ve always wanted. Since the colder months are the best time for laser hair removal, you may want to hurry up with winter coming to its conclusion this weekend. Perhaps it might be time to consider dropping the scruffiness for good.

As one of several treatments available at The Dr Lanzer Clinic, laser hair removal is a popular treatment for both men and women who are looking to stop hair growth in its tracks. While most removal methods focus on the immediate removal of the hair, like epilation, waxing, and chemical hair removal, laser hair removal works a little differently.

Laser hair removal influences hair growth by interacting with the pigment inside the hair. The light of the laser travels down the pigment of the hair towards the root, influencing the hair growth. Unfortunately, for those light-haired fellows out there, laser hair removal tends to be more effective for patients with darker hair. For blondies, an alternative hair removal method can be recommended by Dr Lanzer or a member of his team.

The Dr Lanzer Clinic currently uses the Alma soprano titanium laser for laser hair removal. This laser is fast, painless and suitable for all skin types.

Don’t expect this to be a quick fix by the way. For a successful laser hair removal process, Dr Lanzer recommends several appointments to achieve the desired result. Additional maintenance sessions are also recommended to keep the hair at bay. This usually ranges from eight to ten treatments, depending on the level of removal required. Patients are also required to wait four to six weeks before they come in for their next treatment.

Before coming in for your appointment, you’ll need to shave the area first to help speed along the process and reduce the amount of hair that returns in between sessions. Just don’t go crazy with any extra shaving or waxing as specific hair removal methods can cause complications with laser hair removal or damage the treatment area.

Once complete, some side effects may be felt, like tenderness on or around the treatment area. or most patients, this sensitivity disappears completely after a couple of days, with side effects reducing during maintenance sessions.

Luckily there’s also little to no aftercare required. Unlike say a new tattoo, laser hair removal is a relatively simple procedure that does not require any form of special aftercare. That being said, the Clinic recommends taking good care of your skin post-procedure to promote the natural healing process after laser hair removal.

So if you’re looking to avoid shaving forever, simply contact the friendly team over at The Dr Lanzer Clinic, or book through their website contact form.