Menswear Maketh the Man – Mr. Porter Kingsman Season 4 Collection

We don’t know about you, but when everyone was raving about Deadpool and asking why there weren’t more amazing R-rated comic book movies around, we were scratching our heads and saying, “Hey, morons! Have you seen Kingsman: The Secret Service? It was freakin’ brilliant!” The movie was outrageously fun, packed with gratuitous violence and some truly wicked satire.

The film was also an exercise of impeccable style, one that extended well beyond director Matthew Vaughn’s visual palette to a distinguished, unforgettable costume design. After all, what kind of gentleman would a Kingsman be if he weren’t dressed to match the part? In celebration of the blockbuster film’s signature apparel, luxury brand Mr. Porter collaborated with director Vaughn to create a bespoke collection featuring gear and clothing based on the film. The result was such a success that the Kingsman Bespoke Menswear Label is now in its fourth season and still running strong.

As always, Mr. Porter has spared no expense in crafting superior menswear and adornments. Each of the 60 curated pieces in the collection was hand-picked in Britain by heritage manufacturers and uses only the best materials. Everything from the finest tailored suits to premium eyewear to drool-inducing chronograph watches will be available for purchase. It’s now easier than ever to go online, press a few buttons, and live like a King(sman).

bremont alt1 wt wh world timer

Bremont ALT1-WT/WH World Timer 

cutler and gross square frame acetate optical glasses 

Cutler and Gross Square-Frame Acetate Optical Glasses 

harry fit wool and cotton blend chambray blazer 

Harry Slim-Fit Wool and Cotton-Blend Chambray Blazer 

drake wool and silk blend pocket square

Drake’s Wool and Silk-Blend Pocket Square

turnbull and asser white cotton royal oxford shirt 

Turnbull & Asser White Cotton Royal Oxford Shirt 

corgi checked cotton blend socks 

Corgi Checked Cotton-Blend Socks 

george cleverley scotch grain leather boots 

George Cleverley Scotch-Grain Leather Boots 

grey harry fit silk and linen blend trousers

Grey Harry Slim-Fit Wool, Silk and Linen-Blend Suit Trousers