Model Sam Wines Tells Us What to Wear to the 2017 Alfa Romeo Portsea Polo

Filled with glitz, glamour, girls and plenty of action both on and off the field, the 2017 Alfa Romeo Portsea Polo is being held this Saturday the 14th of January. Kicking off the social calendar for the year in style, it’s THE place to be seen for all the instagrammers, socialites and celebrities, but what can you do to stand out from the crowd? We enlist the help of model Sam Wines, at the ripe of age of 23, who’s killing it in the fashion stakes. Before he’s busy chilling in the ‘Italian Summer’ themed décor of the Alfa Romeo Marquee, Sam tells us what to wear, how to wear it and what mistakes to avoid.

polo is all about chinos  bright blazers

The Polo is all about chinos and bright blazers, but how does one move beyond this to stand out and make a statement?

If you truly want to stand out from the pack these days wearing bold colours isn’t enough, if you really want to turn heads sporting a tailored ensemble would be your best bet!

men wear polo

What colours will be on trend this year? Are there any colours guys should avoid?

Prepare for muted pastels and bold print blazers. Guys are getting a lot more adventurous these days when it comes to colour (finally) and events such as the Portsea Polo are the perfect time to show some panache.

mens wear portsea polo

Should men go with pants or shorts and why?

Men should go with whatever they feel most comfortable in! I am personally wearing pants, however if its set to be a scorcher I may drop the slacks and opt for some shorts instead.

What sorts of footwear is appropriate for the polo? Boat Shoes or Brogues?

If 2016 is anything to go by, 2017 will be the year of the tasseled loafer. Although brogues and boat shoes are usually the polo go-to, more and more blokes are upping the stakes when it comes to their footwear. The tasseled loafer is the perfect bridge between a dress shoe and brogues. It’s elegant yet refined, and is a cinch to dress up or down.

sports of footwear the polo

What are your three essential accessories you should take along with you?

My three essentials are sunglasses, a watch and sunscreen.

Do you think a hat is too risky for most guys to pull off?

Not at all! most guys dress pretty sharp these days, adding a fedora or a panama hat to a look can really top off an outfit. It’s great to see so many more guys getting around them, especially at events such as the Polo.

men shoulder pull of stick

And finally, what will you be wearing this this year to the event?

I’ve gone for a really nautical inspired look this year and will be wearing a bespoke navy double breasted jacket that I designed with my tailor Carl Navè paired with some white chinos.