Montblanc’s Secret Adornment Collection Bonds the Worlds of Tattooing and Fine Writing

Montblanc’s Secret Adornment collection offers a new form of briefcase personalisation by using the inner part of the flap as a canvas for classic tattoo designs. On the outside, the blue briefcase exudes refinement through the Sfumato leather, but on the inside hidden from sight, art awaits. Limited to just 30 pieces, every briefcase will feature the initials of the owner integrated into the hand tattooed design. Mo Coppoletta, the Italian artist, based in London, individually hand-etched every leather piece using genuine Montblanc ink. The ink represents the bond between the worlds of fine writing and tattooing and acts as a perfect companion piece for anyone forced to cover their body art in their workplace environment.

montblanc secret adornment collection features three pieces

The Secret Adornment collection features three pieces. The Serpent edition features a rising serpent that evokes the original design of Montblanc’s “Rouge et Noir” writing instrument, based on the first fountain pen. The Pioneer edition features a magnificent coloured hot air balloon taking centre stage as a tribute to the pioneering spirit of Montblanc’s founders. The Worldmap edition is the most elaborate artwork, and it depicts the world map, a reference to Montblanc’s appeal and presence in more than 120 countries.

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montblanc secret adornment collection worldmap edition

montblanc secret adornment collection offers a new form

montblanc secret adornment magnificent coloured