Mott & Bow 4-Way Stretch Hester Denim

Mott & Bow is a super-cool denim startup based out of NYC – their angle on the largely saturated market is that they “handcraft premium jeans for guys that are ridiculously comfortable.” When you see “ridiculously comfortable” together with “premium jeans,” it’s easy to be sold quickly on the product. The team at Mott & Bow recently released “The Hester”, their one of a kind four way stretch fabric that aims to be different even from other stretch focused jeans.

Rather than providing only a horizontal stretch, their denim stretches both ways, allowing for a good range of motion as you walk, bike or do yoga in your denim. The jeans also maintain an attractive denim appearance, with a medium blue/dark blue coloring. Mott & Bow is composed of a premium material, a premium technology and a premium styling and the result is a great product for all types of guys.

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