MUJO Unveils Core Supply – A Collection of Industrial Inspired Jewellery

Inspired by the worn industrial character of New York City, MUJO has launched a new line of understated jewellery for men. The Brooklyn-based jeweller has redesigned its original 001, 002 and 003 collections into a 4th streamlined collection that celebrates what came before while compelling the brand into 2017.

Entitled Core Supply, the new collection comprises of nine strikingly simple styles, each handcrafted, laser engraved, and hand finished in your choice of uncoated brass, recycled sterling silver or the new matte black powder-coated finish. The new items are designed to become a permanent mainstay of MUJO.

mujo men necklace and finger ring

Whether you are interested in a ring, necklace or bracelet, the Core Supply collection is designed to wear handsomely with age and last a lifetime. The new MUJO range comprises of cuff bracelets, chain bracelets, ring bands, signet rings and pendant necklaces, each available in a variety of sizes. The collection is now available at MUJO’s online store and if you’re in the area, their temporary pop-up space at Canal Street Market in New York City.

mujo men cs 4mm signet ring and bracelet

mujo 4 mm mens ring

mujo men's bracelet

wear a cuff bracelet men

mujo men's ring

mujo men's sterling silver necklace

mujo men's silver necklace

mujo men's black ring

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