Native Color Tees Are Good for You

Native Color has a mission behind their line of Tees. “Our mission is to show that it’s possible to make clothing that’s good for people and good for the environment, and still make it something you want to wear every day. By only using biodegradable materials and natural dyes whenever possible, we hope our customers slowly build a more sustainable wardrobe—season after season, year after year.”

woman and man wearing native colour t shirt

Native Color is a small company based out of Austin, Texas. With a commitment to their customers and the environment, Native Color uses natural products to create not only their shirts, but jewellery as well. They use dyes sourced from plants and other natural ingredients, including organic indigo, madder root, turmeric, and iron. They also use all-natural materials, such as coconut husk and silk, so that their products will bio-degrade.

man sitting on floor wearing blue native colour tshirt

Using techniques from ages past, Native Color makes their products by hand. The process is long—where factories can produce hundreds of T-shirts at a time, Native Color relies on workers making one or two at a time. The result is high quality, unique, and good for you and the environment.

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