Neuw Denim Ventures Into Performance Denim

Neuw Denim has recently released a new collection entitled Form. This collection is not your standard denim release – focused on comfort, movement and dynamic fabric, you could probably wear the jeans for a workout and not feel constrained. Form is a new venture into ‘performance denim’, as the jeans are made from 13 oz premium, high-tech stretch fabric. The jeans deliver premium comfort as they have been made for movement and are designed to be worn with purpose.

neuw denim ventures bike firing performance

The collection came about when Neuw began to look into why people were wearing their denim and realized there was a problem: People want to look good but also feel great, rather than feeling like they are wearing cardboard on their legs. These jeans not only feature high quality fabric construction, but they also have been designed with strategically placed darts at the inner panel of the knee to ensure the shape is flattering to the human body.

neuw denim ventures swimming performance