The New Balance 997 Moonshot has Landed

2The moon landing was a big deal. Almost 50 years later it’s still a big deal and one of the human race’s greatest accomplishments. It’s unlikely that anything will trump it, at least until man lands on Mars. New Balance wants to commemorate the anniversary of the Apollo 11 touching down on the moon (the date, not the year). New Balance has launched limited edition lunar-inspired kicks named ‘Moonshot’ which are a variant of the 997 silhouette.

new balance 997 moonshot shop outlook

The ‘Moonshot’ kicks feature the same high level of comfort and style as the traditional 997, the key differences are the navy blue and eggshell white colouring, plus the collectable packaging that resembles something that might contain an astronauts meal. The Moonshot sneakers were released as part of a collaboration with J Crew making it the only place to grab a pair. As they are limited, be sure to get yours before they’re gone.

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new balance 997 moonshot shop pack