New Balance X J. Crew 997 Cortado Sneakers

Fashion retailer J. Crew and shoewear brand New Balance have had several successful collabs, including the colourful 998 sneakers. The two companies have been on a roll lately. It seems that they can do no wrong when they team up. Everything that they collab on seems just about perfect in every way. Now, the two fashion powerhouses have collaborated once again on a brand new pair of kicks—the New Balance X J. Crew 997 Cortado sneakers.

997 new balance x j shoe feature

This shoe was inspired by the J. Crew designer’s favourite drink—the Cortado, which is also known as the “piccolo latte”. This drink consists of equal parts espresso and warm milk, and it gets its name from the Spanish verb “to cut” as the warm milk cuts the acidity of the espresso. In keeping with the inspirational design, the colorways feature premium light tan suede throughout with a dark grey midsection to mimic the froth of steamed milk. A vachetta tan-colored N completes the look. Refined, simple grey shades are found on the heel and tongue. The midsole is white, and a classic gum outsole adds a classic look. The very simple and clean colorway makes these sneakers perfect for any season. They are versatile and would go well with just about any outfit due to their neutral palette.

999 new balance x j shoe design

The New Balance X J. Crew 997 Cortado sneakers will be crafted at New Balance’s Maine factory. It might be difficult to get your hands on these sneakers as they will only be available in limited numbers in select J. Crew stores and online.

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