Oakley Launches a Hidden Latch Feature

Oakley is no stranger to quality sunglasses, offering some of the finest and most stylish eyewear there is. This fall, they’re expanding the boundaries to introduce the Oakley Latch collection, an exciting collaboration between Oakley and a group of innovators in the skate industry. Inspired by skaters Eric Koston, Sean Malto & Curren Caples as well as photographer Atiba Jefferson, these lifestyle sunglasses combine style and functionality for the skate world.

The shades come in six unique colorways, all featuring a matte base – Olive Ink, Brown Tortoise, Grey Ink, Black with Grey, Black with Bronze, and Clear. Featuring both polarized lens and iridium coated options, the sunglasses will not only keep you looking good but also will maintain a high level of visibility throughout the day. Packed with other subtle but effective features like 100% UV protection, a t-shirt latch mechanism and simply excellent style, the glasses are a great option for skaters and non-skaters alike this fall.

oakley latch polarized sunglass

a man put oakley latch

oakley latch polarized glass with black temples

man wear oakley latch polarized sunglass

men put oakley latch matte olive sunglass

oakley latch key m black sunglass