Oakley Looks to Your Eye to Inspire the Ahyris Collection

The human eye is an amazing thing, and it has served as inspiration for great works of art and technological advances. Oakley’s new Ahyris Collection is the latest to look at the human eye for inspiration—specifically, it was the iris that inspired this new line of sunglasses.

Ahyris Collectio

The Ahyris Collection consists of three sunglasses that have a modern and forward-thinking aesthetic. The glasses—the Coldfuse, Apparition, and Chrystl—feature a single, mechanical element that holds the frame, temple, and lenses together.

Similar to a rivet, the element gives the glasses a seamless design. In the case of the Coldfuse glasses, this design element brings together 24 separate elements.

Oakley Ahyris Collection

The sunglasses feature PRIZM lens technology for enhanced details, colour, and contrast. Each pair of glasses also uses a three-point fit for a more precise alignment with your eyes.

If you’re looking to replace your reading or other glasses, you can pick from one of the two eyeglass designs that are part of the Ahyris Collection.

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