Oliberte – Adibo Chukka Boot

oliberte adibo chukka boot sourced in africa

Inspired Ethiopia’s capital city Addis Ababba, the Adibo 3-hole chukka boot by Oliberte embodies the spirit of Africa. The Adibo is made in Ethiopia and is built using a stitch-down technique where the leather upper is stitched through the midsole and sole of the shoe. This technique dates all the way back to the first shoes worn by the first inhabitants of the sub-Saharan African bush, and has been adopted by shoemakers throughout time and is now most commonly found on Chukka boots.

The Adibo features Nubuck or pull-up leather upper,100% goat leather lining, vegetable tanned midsole and natural crepe rubber outsole, and just like all of Oliberte’s shoes, these are made with leather and rubber sourced in Africa. $US140

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