All for One – Teva Arrowood Swift Sneaker

The brilliant Arrowood Swift Sneaker from Teva is so many things at once you almost expect it to contradict itself. It’s insanely lightweight, but duly resilient. It slips on like a sandal, but performs a sneaker. At first glance the shoe looks built for the street, but it can just as ably handle your next hike. In essence, the Teva Arrowood Swift represents the best of all worlds with no strings or compromises attached. In other words, this is one heck of a sneaker!

teva arrowood swift sneaker shoe feature

We got our hands (or feet, rather) on a pair of Teva Arrowood Swifts. Indeed, they’re kind of a dream come true. What first catches the eye is a striking black upper. It’s made using innovative Ariaprene synthetic foam-core material with mesh lining. That keeps things comfortable, durable, breathable and quick-drying at the top. Handling the bottom action is a Float-Lite rubber outsole. Awash in pristine white colour, the outsole is light, buoyant and sturdy. It’s also bolstered by high-energy return cushioning and individual rubber pods to deliver a steadfast and optimal performance.

teva arrowood swift sneaker shoe short laces

Rounding out the sneaker’s cutting edge charms are the absence of traditional shoelaces. In their place is a speed-lace closure that enables seamless tightening (or loosening). It feels like the kind of thing that should replace shoelaces everywhere for good. There’s also a tab at the heel to allow for an easy slip fit.

teva arrowood swift sneaker shoe heel cap

Upon easing your foot into the Arrowood Swift, you’ll immediately notice how light this kick really is. There’s a legitimate sensation that your foot is practically floating over the ground. Yet that featherweight aura never comes at the expense of durability thanks to the supportive rubber outsole. And in the style department, no one argues with colours like black or white.

teva arrowood swift sneaker shoe out sole

Ultimately, the Teva Arrowood Swift is like a checklist of everything a modern guy could ask for in a sneaker. It’s light, durable and versatile. It’s made of the finest innovative materials and offers remarkable texture both inside and out. The speed-lace closure is the answer to a question you didn’t know you were even asking. Throw it all together and you have yourself a prime sneaker that represents everything at once and can handle virtually any terrain. Slip it on, tighten up and go.

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Artwork by John Felix Arnold III (courtesy of Stephanie Chefas Projects)

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