Peppermint Tech Underwear Keeps You Fresh Where It Counts

Sometimes you don’t know you need something until you hear about it for the first time. That’s certainly the case with Peppermint Tech underwear from Jumper Threads. After all, it’s not every day you think to yourself, “If only I had some anti-microbial underwear that’s made using Peppermint fibre.” Yet now that you know such underwear exists, you owe it to yourself to get a pair. Lucky for you, this Kickstarter project is already over its funding goal, meaning the dream will become a reality. Consider it a point of no return, since you may never go back to the normal stuff after giving your groin a blast of minty freshness.

jumper threads peppermint tech underwear grey

In addition to anti-microbial Peppermint fibre, every pair of Peppermint Tech underwear employs moisture-wicking ProModal and 5% elastane. The result is underwear that’s resoundingly fresh and functional, not to mention soft, lightweight, and breathable. Available in a variety of sizes and colours, this garment will downright spoil your nether regions. Get in on the early bird specials now, and start feeling fresh where it counts the most.

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 peppermint tech underwear

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