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Simply awesome online retailer MR. PORTER has brought a new line into the fold that truly brings the best of function and fashion. Designed by Tim Coppens, Under Armour Sportswear is “forged from the field and built for life”. In other words expect supremely durable clothing that accommodates virtually any activity without sparing one ounce of style.

black shoe armour sportswear on mr. porter

MR. PORTER currently features 13 pieces from the Under Armour Sportswear Collection. Among them is a Coxswain Bonded Ripstop and Cotton-Blend Twill Hooded Jacket. Flaunting a tech-savvy design and tons of pocket space, the Coxswain jacket is sturdy, buoyant, and resistant to wind and water thanks to that bonded ripstop and cotton-blend twill. Also gracing the collection are a pair of Fat Tire Leather and Stretch-Jersey Boots. Influenced by the tires of off-road bikes, the Fat Tire Leather Boots utilize Michelin rubber soles for some cross-slope traction and adaptive versatility, with those stretch-jersey tongues providing ample breathability. Inside the boot are Charged Cushion insoles for lush comfort and support.

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From Club Suede Sneakers to Pivot Slim-Fit Sweatpants, the Under Armour Sportswear Collection is a dream come true for the modern man, one who’s equal parts active and fashion-conscious. Through the use of innovative materials and brilliant designs, each piece in the collection offers the absolute best of performance and style. Under Armour Sportswear is globally available online exclusively through MR. PORTER.

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