Persol’s Galleria ‘900 Collection Resurrects Classic Styles of the1940s

Persol has dived into its archives and resurrected classic designs from the 1940s to create the Galleria ‘900 collection. Modernised for contemporary comfort and handcrafted from original acetates, each frame is unmistakably Persol and proves that the work of the sophisticated Italian designer is timeless. The Galleria ‘900 collection features five distinct styles covering both optical and sunglasses options. The collection includes striped grey or golden brown colour variations, matte black and a classic Havana brown.


Each frame has been updated to utilise Persol’s Arrow technology for connecting the frames and temples, and the Meflecto tech allows the glasses to adapt to the shape of any face. Both features are exclusive to Persol. The average length of time needed to produce Persol frames is almost double that of the average acetate. The longer time frame is due to the high level of craftsmanship that goes into each Persol frame. Each frame is available in a series of colours to fully personalise your look.

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