Philips Smart Sleep Helps You Get a Proper Night’s Rest

There’s little argument to be had over the importance of a good night’s rest. Study after study confirms how detrimental not getting good sleep is, and how beneficial and restorative good sleep is. This knowledge has led to a movement of people trying to find solutions that will provide the best sleep. Philips is set to help you get your best sleep with their Smart Sleep innovation.

Phillips Smart Sleep

For 35 years, Philips has been using clinical studies and solutions to develop sleep innovations driven by data. A big part of the Philips approach is their SmartSleep Analyzer—a clinically proven method for identifying what your unique sleep needs are. The online tool only takes ten minutes to fill out and then assess your sleeping habits.

You’ll also receive personalised feedback that includes clinically validated solutions. Philips has partnered with WebMD to make sure that you have access to the information you need, such as studies and recommendations from the American Sleep Association.

Phillips Smart Sleep with app

One interesting solution that Philips may recommend is the Deep Sleep Headband. The headband is a clinically proven wearable solution that is designed for those who generally get less than seven hours of sleep a night. The headband improves the quality of deep sleep, which results in better sleep quality, enhanced alertness, and a reduction in daytime sleepiness.

There are plenty of other options in the program, and if you’re looking to improve your sleep, you may want to sign up to learn more.

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