Pitti Uomo #90 Could Be Your Lucky Number

In the words of David Bowie; “Fame… makes a man take things over” and that’s exactly what  Alex King from Philippe Perzi Vienna has done with another stylish video celebrating those sartorially savvy fellows who grace the cobbled streets of Florence twice a year for Pitti Uomo. With the big event only 3 weeks away, there’s probably lots of tailors working overtime and plenty of preening and final flourishes being added to outfits for the 4-day event which is the largest and arguably the most celebrated event in the men’s fashion calendar.

pitti uomo 90 old men's

Each Pitti Uomo edition has a theme and this Summer 2016’s concept is “Pitti Lucky Numbers.” For those of us not lucky enough to attend the event, we can’t wait to see Alex’s photos of the colour, the chaos and the camaraderie that typically defines the event.

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