Plush Dreams – Nike Tech Fleece Collection With Kevin Durant and Kyrie Erving

Nike’s always keeping things stylish and innovative and their new Tech Pack collection is no exception. Tech Pack marks the first time that Nike Tech Fleece is paired with Nike Tech Knit. That means some cutting edge upgrades to classic Nike sportswear such as lightweight plush foam layers to retain warmth and jaw-droppng sleeves with colour shifting ribbing.

nike tech fleece collection

Helping promote the new collection are NBA superstars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Both partook in a photo shoot sporting the Tech Fleece garments and they look pretty damn good if we do say so ourselves. Each player also sat down for an interview to talk about everything from their love of the game to their love of great sportswear.

In regards to Tech Pack specifically, Irving said the following, “I love how I feel when I wear Tech Pack. The fit on my body, along with comfort and easiness of the fabric, makes me feel the best and most authentic version of myself.”

Here’s what Durant had to say about Nike’s latest, “I wear Tech Pack anytime, anywhere, everywhere – at games, out to eat, on the street. It’s just so incredibly comfortable and stylish at the same time. Nike did a great job with just making it feel both comfortable and versatile at the same time, making it wearable in any situation. Nike Tech Pack is probably what I wear most out of all my clothes – it’s all I’ll wear from on the plane to the arena, out after  games, restaurants, and everywhere else.

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