Premier by Up There provides a Broad Menswear Collection

The collections for the Spring and Summer are rolling out now, and it’s a great thing for us all. These warmer seasons produce some of the best and most creative clothes out. Up There have just released their SS16 collection, known as Premier. Crafted in Japan, the collection offers a series of menswear wardrobe staples as well as workwear centric pieces. And no modern collection would be complete without technical outerwear, blending the fine lines between contemporary and classic menswear.

Each silhouette features high quality Japanese fabric, coupled with excellent construction. The collection builds upon the brand’s existing selection of Shirts, Pants, and T-shirts with the updated additions of a few key pieces: the Ace Hooded Sweats and Crewnecks stand out. There are also a series of workwear focused items, including the Cafe and Utility Jackets, as well as the Alpine Parka. No matter what you are looking for, there’s something in this collection.

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