Premium Leather-Base Weekender by Everlane

Hang on a minute before you drop your sweaty gym socks into the Premium Leather-Base Weekender by Everlane. This isn’t just your ordinary duffel bag. This travel carry-on bag is everything and nothing at the same time.

Made from 100% cotton and genuine vegetable stained leather, the weekender represents the epitome of duffel bag technology. Now, don’t get it excited. It won’t charge your iPhone or wirelessly integrate with your microwave oven. What it will do is provide a massive amount of carry-on storage space in a surprisingly small space. The one internal pocket tucks away unobtrusively- becoming practically nonexistent when not filled. The 12-inch shoulder bag and leather base are made from a specially treated leather that will develop a unique patina over time allowing your Weekender to acquire its own personality with use. The zippers are made from robust high grain brass that is practically guaranteed not to strip or run off track- because with an item like this, once the zipper breaks- it no better than an old sack.

premium leather base weekender by everlane duffel bag

But what, you may be asking, makes the Weekender special? Nothing. Nothing is what makes it special. While most other carry on and duffel bags are full of compartments and other gimmicks that end up taking up more space, the Weekender lets you decide what goes in. Simplicity in design and high-quality materials mean this elegant carry-on bag will serve reliably and unobtrusively for many years.

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