The Pronto Slate Will Carry Your Feet Into Summer

As the weather is turning warmer and warmer each day, the new clothing collections are following this perfectly and taking us all into the summer. GREATS has joined the fun, announcing the release of their newest Spring/Summer 2016 style. Dubbed the Pronto Slate, these spring colors are designed to take those who don the shoes easily into the warmer and happier times.

pronto slate shoe feature

The shoes are perfect menswear additions to any outfit, with classic styling you’d see on New Balance, Nike or any other major players. The main kicker here is that as a smaller company, the Pronto kicks are designed with an exquisite amount of detail which shows up well. If you’re feeling blue about the weather, grab these and jump headfirst into summer.

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pronto slate shoe side view



pronto slate shoe toe cap

pronto slate shoe out sole