Respect the Authoritah of the Burton x South Park Collaboration

Burton must possess some serious authoritah if they can drag Matt Stone and Trey Parker away from their hectic production schedule to endorse a range of snowboarding merchandise. The Burton x South Park collaboration resulted in the creation of a range of wares that captures the magic of the classic seasons, when South Park was in the golden age of toilet humour, long before it became an outlet for crude social commentary. It doesn’t matter if you prefer Kyle, Kenny, Stan or Cartman, Burton has headwear modelled off each of the main kids, made from a combination of polyester, acrylic, and Sherpa fleece lining.

 burton x south parkitect snowboard

Christmas is just days away so why not get in the festive spirit by wearing a Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo long sleeve tee with Mr Hanky in the front pocket along with matching socks? And let’s not forget the centrepiece of the collection: the Burton South Parkitect Snowboard which features the classic line “Oh my god, they killed Kenny! You Bastards!!” embedded on the bottom. Naturally, the topside has an image of Kenny being struck by lightning and, you know, dying.

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burton x south park hat

burton x south park socks

burton x south park t shut

burton x south park logo