Role Models – Van Heusen Mentor Sessions

No matter what the arena, success is always a lot of nature combined with a lot of nurture. Take away one of those two essential ingredients and you’re left with someone who will inevitably fall short of his or her goals. Do you think Tiger Woods would have become Tiger Woods if his dad hadn’t pushed him day after day? Or that Bob Dylan would have become Bob Dylan if he hadn’t compulsively listened to all those Woody Guthrie and Odetta records? While both men probably would have achieved some level of greatness due to their innate sensibilities, it’s the discipline (i.e. nurture) that made them the legends they are today.

One’s sense of style is no exception to the rule. Like anything else that requires creativity and expertise, fashion is not created in a vacuum, rather through a constant exchange of ideas that are digested by visionaries and then re-imagined to form something unique. Search out the nearest male with a truly spectacular sense of style and you’ll soon discover a slew of influences that helped shape him into the walking fashion statement he’s become.

In the realm of fashion, menswear brand Van Heusen is no stranger to success. They’re winning formula has origins going back to the early 1920s, when PVH (Phillips-Van Heusen) debuted a patented soft-folding dress shirt that featured “The World’s Smartest Collar”. The self-folding collar was an instant sensation and the brand hasn’t looked back since. But like a great song or winning three-point shot, that achievement surely didn’t come out of nowhere and was rather the result of ingenuity plus experience. In other words: nature plus nurture.

jimmy niggles jester

Knowing that uncultivated or uninspired talent is incomplete talent, Van Heusen launched a mentorship campaign to coincide with the release of their newest collections. Each mentor is a legend when it comes to both style and professional success, perhaps a not too subtle reminder that the two things frequently go hand in hand.

Says Van Heusen Marketing Manager Janine Buckman, “Van Heusen understands the way you look and feel affects the way you do business and with the help of our mentors, we’re now combining quality product with the very best style and life advice. Our simple goal is to provide future generations with the blueprint they need to succeed.”

mick fanning van heusen

The newest mates to join the mentorship team are surfing superstar Mick Fanning and AFL Sydney Swans Captain Jarrad McVeigh. Sporting Van Heusen’s Business Casual Spring/Summer Collection, both men dispense advice on how to live well and dress the part.

jack phillips jester with hat

Fanning and McVeigh are in exceptionally good company. Not only have the two gentlemen partnered with an established brand, but they’ve also joined forces with self-made millionaire Jack Delosa and Beard Season founder Jimmy Niggles for the campaign. Previous mentors include brilliant surgeon Dr. Munjed Al Muderis, Melbourne Victory head coach Kevin Muscat, legendary Aussie artist Mitch Revs, award-winning chef Ryan Squires and founders of Bondi Hardware and The Botanist, Hamish Watts and Ben Carroll. The field of expertise between each mentor is duly broad, however the men all have at least one solid thing in common: a true sense of incredible style.

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 van heusen man sitting on sofa

Here’s a quick rundown of the latest mentors in the program, followed by a brief highlight reel of our favourite Van Heusen threads from the Business Casual Spring/Summer Collection:

Jack Delosa – As founder of The Entourage (a wildly successful program that educates young Australian entrepreneurs), self-made millionaire Jack Delosa is perhaps the role model’s role model. Among his many endeavours, he’s raked in a fortune doing what role models do best: going around giving highly motivational and informative speeches in a ton of different forums. He’s also an author, investor, and brilliant dresser.

Jimmy Niggles – Speaking of unique style, one look at Jimmy Niggles and there’s no mistaking him for anyone else. Jimmy made headlines starting in 2010 for all the right reasons when he launched Beard Season, a blog turned movement to raise awareness about skin cancer screenings. Everything from Jimmy’s appearance to his aura to his name screams inspiration.

Mick Fanning – With a nickname like “White Lightning”, three ASP World Tour championships under his belt (or should we say board), and a near fatal brush with what was later presumed to be a great white shark, Aussie surfing prodigy and brewery owner Mick Fanning hardly needs an introduction. The man is truly a legend! As a Van Heusen ambassador and mentor, Fanning hopes to inspire through dispensing both motivational advice and genuine fashion tips. We’re all ears and eyes.

Jarrad McVeigh – Swans Captain and Winner of the Bob Skilton Medal, Jarrad McVeigh has overcome serious adversity to achieve triumph on every front. He’s now the longest serving captain in Swans history. He’s also married to veritably stunning model Clementine McVeigh.

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mick fanning van heusen

No matter who you are or how far you’ve come in life, there’s always room for a little guidance. The Van Heusen mentors campaignfeatures men who all received game-changing pointers at some point in their lives and then went off to change the game. Listen closely, take notes, and then cultivate your own vision. Also, be sure to visit Van Heusen ASAP because they’re currently hosting a competition that puts you face to face with one of the esteemed mentors.

We’ll leave you with the words of surf legend and Van Heusen mentor Mick Fanning: “I’ve been fortunate to receive some fantastic advice over the years which has encouraged me to break out and start new ventures such as my brewery business. It’s my hope that by working with Van Heusen, we’ll be able to inspire future generations to believe they can do anything they set their mind too”.

But the best news?….

Van Heusen are giving you the change to WIN 1 of 5 double passes to meet Mick Fanning at the exclusive Van Heusen | GQ Australia Mentor Event in Melbourne. It includes flights, accomodation and airport transfer. To enter, hit the link below.