Saint – The World’s Strongest Denim

“…with the throttle screwed on there is only the barest margin and no room for mistakes. It has to be done right… and that’s when the strange music starts, when you stretch your luck so far that the fear becomes exhilaration and vibrates along your arms. You can barely see a hundred; the tears blow back so fast that they vaporize before they get to your ears. The only sounds are the wind and the dull roar floating back from the mufflers.”

world strongest denim  jeans

The above quote is from Hunter S. Thompson and his book Hell’s Angel’s and it’s also where motorcycle apparel brand Saint takes inspiration. Like Thompson himself (and hopefully less like the notorious biker gang), Saint embodies the unique pairing of pure artistic spirit and bold, fearless edge. Accordingly their team consists of riders, thrill-seekers and seasoned style experts who tout their denim as being “unbreakable”. To achieve such a feat they blend strong cotton with ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, yielding insanely durable wear that’s being hailed as the strongest in the world and surely meant to outlast your next on or off-road motorcycle journey.

world strongest denim unbreakable cotton

Saint garb is so rife with rugged terminology it’s more fitting to label their portfolio as an arsenal. Take for example the Armoured Flight Jacket. To create this masterpiece Saint re-cut an original A-2 1944 US military flight jacket adorned in D3O impact armour. The result is a jacket that’s dark, understated and stylish in appearance but completely tough and durable in design. Elsewhere in the Saint artillery are black-coated Unbreakable Denim jeans, which the brand claims are 133 times tougher than standard denim and engineered to withstand the wear and tear of a biker’s lifestyle. Saint truly is the common ground between popular fashion and untamed virility.

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