Seil Marschall Canoe Pack

You probably do not own a canoe. You may not even know what a canoe is nor have not seen a natural body of water since the last time you were forced out of the city on a corporate team building exercise. Do not let your lack of enthusiasm to do ‘stuff’ leave you out of some great kit that will look just a good in the urban jungle as the real one. The Seil Marschall Canoe Pack is an exceptional quality backpack which has been made in Germany since 1896. In a classic olive canvas with brass and leather straps, this bag does not sag or lose shape thanks to the re-enforced base. No external pockets mean a sleek look and safe personal items. Backpacks will always have a stylish nonchalance about them and this Seil Marschall is a sound investment in a classic shape which will not date. Who knows, it may even encourage you to find out about that canoe thing. $329 USD