Simple and Stylish – The Loch Falken Wristwatch from Triwa

Whether quality of life was better in the 1950s than it is today is open for debate. One thing’s for sure, life was simpler back then. Triwa channels this simplicity and interprets it into their classically styled Loch Falken Wristwatch that does away with all the unnecessary bells and whistles in exchange for a modest, yet elegant timekeeping experience.

simple and stylish triwa watch

Expressed in brushed champagne gold and navy blue, the watch face is complimented by a strap made from 20mm brown Swedish organically tanned leather. The movement type is Quartz and is handled by Citizen Miyota. This watch is much too beautiful to wear in the pool although if you were to slip, it’s water resistant to five metres. The Loch Falken watch from Triwa goes for $229 US and is available with free international shipping.

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the loch falken wristwatch from triwa

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