Simple As It Wants To Be – L.W.A. Studio Wallets

Amsterdam’s L.W.A. Studio wants you to ask yourself the following: when it comes to your wallet, do you really want a generic brand filing cabinet over-saturated with old movie ticket stubs and useless pockets, or would you prefer something economic and reliable that uses premium materials and offers a nice dose of individuality? If your answer is the latter, then by all means check out the their new wallet, which employs a personalised minimalist approach toward holding your money and credit cards.

l w a studio wallets  orange color

L.W.A Studio takes inspiration from the best artisans in the world. Each wallet is handcrafted by a private atelier in Portugal, who uses premium Italian vegetable tanned leather along with Swiss Riri zippers to create an accessory that was built to last. And while the wallet itself does away with superfluous features, that didn’t stop L.W.A. Studio from incorporating some true personality by way of an unmistakable colour scheme as well as the option for owners to have a personalised monogram lasered onto the exterior.

l w a studio wallets  black color

The L.W.A. Studio wallet was born out of sheer frustration with contemporary choices and their inability to combine minimalism with customization. As the company’s founder, Alan Daniel Archutowski, puts it: ‘When I couldn’t find the well designed, functional and durable wallet that I was looking for, I decided to create the perfect wallet myself…I want to emphasize the option to personalize the wallets. To show that it’s about the owner, not about the brand. Also, it’s a nice reminder to always think about the future.’

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l w a studio wallets  white color

l w a studio wallets  yellow color

l w a studio leather zipped wallet orange

l w a studio leather slim zipped wallet yellow

l w a studio leather slim zipped wallet blue

l w a studio leather zipped wallet tan