Simplicity Redefined – Jacopo Dondi 24 Hour Watch

Jacopo Dondi is an Australian based company with a Kickstarter campaign that will likely meet its goal based on current projections. Their product is a unique watch with a single hand and 24-hour dial. And while their assertion that the 24-hour dial is one of its kind might be a little off the mark (UK’s No-Watch seems to offer such a thing), the Jacopo Dondi Watch is nevertheless a tremendous looking product that exudes true passion and unmistakable appeal.

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What Jacopo Dondi is asking of supporters is that they change their perspective on time itself. The result of wearing the 24-hour dial and single hand is a dramatic shift in how time is perceived in relation to your day. You begin to view the day as an almost physical entity within which you exist and move. Soon the telling of time goes from when to where–your own movements reflected by the movements of the single hand revolving inside a wheel.

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Achievements like this were not arrived upon haphazardly. There is a true historical and psychological philosophy running underneath the watch’s creation. For instance, the watch has the midday point at the top of the dial, which subconsciously creates a positive effect in the wearer. Furthermore, the single hand and 24-hour dial themselves are (according to legend) benchmarks of the original clocks that first replaced sundials centuries ago.

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A thick stainless steel case, swiss-made Quartz movement, and choice of leather or silicone strap round out the watch’s minimalist elegance and dependable charm. The watch also doubles as a compass, lending it an extra tier of old-school function.

jacopo dondi one hand leather strap watch

Ultimately, one glance at the Kickstarter page tells you this is a product made by someone with a true devotion to gear, history and perspective. If you too are someone who relishes not just the gear, but the story behind the gear, check out Jacopo Dondi and help make them a household name.

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