The Smell of Success – Ably Unbelievably Odor & Stain Repellant Natural Apparel

Most wearable brands advertise their products as combining form and function, but few can live up to the claim as sufficiently as Kickstarter-backed Ably. The essence behind Ably is preciously simple: they make 100% premium cotton shirts that can last for literally weeks before your man-sweat and body odour begin to stink them up. That’s right, good sir, your days of repelling others through a unique body odour that only you seem able to conjure might very well be over.

ably hoodie jacket

The way Ably works is by activating their shirts with Filium, a sustainable technology that joins with other fabrics to prevent the absorption of liquids. That means if you wear an Ably tee to the gym your shirt won’t become a sweat-soaked rag afterward because all your sweat either evaporated or rolled off the shirt in magnificent beads the way rain drops roll off thick plant leaves. That said, it should be noted that Filium is not 100% waterproof so if you want to show off to your friends by jumping in a pool and emerging in a dry tee shirt then prepare to look pretty stupid. The material will, however, dramatically reduce or eliminate the more common saturation that your average shirt undergoes when confronted with the magnitude of your epic sweat glands.

ably black t shirt

Filium isn’t the first technology to repel liquid and odour from clothing, but according to Ably it’s by far and away the safest whereas other repellents use nano-particle coatings and toxic ingredients. Filium is the result of sustainable production and meets all bluesign standards and requirements. The shirts look great too. Personally, we think this is the perfect article of clothing for frequent campers. Pack a few Ably tees and use the extra room to stow away another sixer.

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