Sneaker Pimps – Koio Collective’s Primo Nero

Koio Collective comes to us by way of New York City, candidate for the city that more or less created street style in previous decades. In keeping with the spirit of custom flair, the footwear brand makes premium sneakers that look sharp as hell and use top-shelf materials to achieve maximum comfort and a justifiably higher price point. The Primo Nero is their benchmark bestseller and it’s taken off like wildfire, earning endorsements from style magazines, celebrities and sneaker enthusiasts alike.

koio collective primo nero shoe black feature

What makes the Primo Nero so special? It’s all about that leather, baby. Each sneaker is made in Italy utilizing choice full-grain pebbled calf leather for the lining, edges and upper. Inside the sneaker is a striking red calf leather insole. Also featured are a padded tongue, tone-on-tone laces and a rubber outsole by Margom®. Once all that premium leather and padding has been stitched in, each sneaker is finished by hand, the edges painted and a Koio Collective insignia embossed on the tongue.

koio collective primo nero shoe eyetets and laces

We can already feel the absolutely cosy and supportive embrace of the Primo Nero wrapped around our feet. The company ships worldwide so all you trend-setting Aussies out there should definitely scope their site and get some of these killer kicks before your friends do.

koio collective primo nero shoe sole

koio collective primo nero shoe side view

koio collective primo nero shoe toe cap

koio collective primo nero shoe angle