A Taste of the Finer Things: Alden Natural Chromexcel Tassel Loafer

Occasionally we happen across a product that we fall in love with, but cannot exactly put our finger on why. That is the case with a new loafer from Alden. Very few of this shoe have been produced and even fewer were brought to market as an iteration that showcased tassels. While not uncommon for footwear of this class, whenever we see a hyper-limited release, we get a little bit excited and are eager to check it out.

tassel loafer alden shoes

The Alden Natural Chromexcel Tassel Loafer is just as exclusive as it is impressive. Set upon a familiar silhouette, this shoe is an intriguing take on a classic form, but strays far enough away to still be intriguing. The naturally endearing Chromexcel upper is adorned with tassels and a well-oiled outsole that features a beautiful edge. While the shoe itself does not appear to be all that “flashy,” upon closer inspection it becomes very hard to point out anything wrong with the design. When you’re paying the price that this shoe is fetching, that had better be the case.

alden natural back view

The bright brown leather utilized by Alden for this loafer makes it a possibility with almost any outfit. The refined look is appropriate for the office, the ballroom, and everywhere in between. Only 11 pairs of this beautiful product were made and five of them have already been claimed. For only $350.00 someone can join this elite group and have one of the most stylish and exclusive shoes made in the last few years.

Check it out

tassel loafer alden shoes

side view alden natural shoes

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